Urban development

We are constructing the future

Lektus supplies services and products within the entire urban development segment, from investigation to work documents and complete tender documentation, as well as project and construction management.

We provide urban development services within all technological fields required for planning, construction and management of towns and cities, communities, infrastructure and installations, as well as for the cultural and natural environment. Our route to achieve increased ecological, economic and social sustainability.

We have expertise in all technological fields within the infrastructure sector so that we can provide qualitative solutions for sustainability, but also constructibility.

Our services within urban development

  • Surface water, drinking water, waste water, dewatering
  • System descriptions
  • Surface water investigations
  • Inventory
  • Flooding analysis
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Design of pipelines and pipe networks
  • Design of surface water solutions, for example, dams, detention reservoirs
  • Design of pipe networks
  • Design and visualisation

  • Accessibility issues

  • Surveys of vegetation/plant beds

  • Detailed design

  • Road plans

  • Land-use planning

  • Street planning

  • Early stages

  • Preliminary study

  • System documentation

  • Detailed design

  • Construction documents

  • Tender documentation

  • Traffic planning

  • Environmental engineering investigations: Water, sediment, land, buildings

  • Permit applications

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Inventories of natural value

  • Contaminated ground

  • Waste and landfill

  • Risk analyses

  • MIFO (Method for inventory of contaminated ground) investigations

  • Remedial investigations

  • Decontamination

  • Risk evaluation

  • Environmental impact

  • Decontamination and Environmental control

  • Soil handling

  • Road and rail

  • Power plants, dams and wharves

  • Geological and rock engineering investigations

  • Design of earth reinforcement

  • Stability and subsidence calculation

  • Design of piling and earthworks

  • Control of bearing capacity

  • Material resource management earth and rock

  • Geotechnical reports

  • Preparation of geotechnical documents in all phases

  • Ground water modelling

  • Flow and transport processes in ground and bedrock

  • Contamination in ground water

  • Flow and transport processes in ground and bedrock

  • Contamination in ground water

  • Water balance calculations

  • Monitoring programme (lowering of the water table soil/water chemistry)

  • Permit for water resource management

  • Ground water and wells

  • Water resource investigations

  • Ground water exploration

  • Seepage calculations

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